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The most common birds in Oceania: what are they?

The most common birds in Oceania: what are they? What are the most common birds in Oceania? Oceania is a continent with great tourist attractions, besides that, it also has beautiful landscapes and environmental wealth, it

The most common birds in Oceania: what are they?

What are the most common birds in Oceania? Oceania is a continent with great tourist attractions, besides that, it also has beautiful landscapes and environmental wealth, it is worth visiting it. On the other hand, an outstanding feature of this country has to do with its bird species.


This continent has a great variety of bird species due to its unique ecosystem, 828 species of birds, including seabirds and waterfowl. Approximately, half of them are found nowhere else in the world.

The Most Common Birds in Oceania: Top 10 of the Most Popular

Among the main birds of this continent, 10 species can be mentioned:

kiwiAves más comunes en Oceanía

This is one of the most famous birds of New Zealand’s wildlife. Its image is very funny to many people. Its feathers jump in all directions, its legs are strong and it has no tail. They are unique and curious birds. It became the national icon of New Zealand because of its antiquity.


These are pretty small and can grow from 35 to 45 centimeters and weigh 0.8 to 1.9 kilograms. On the other hand, they are very fast runners, and for that reason, they do not allow themselves to be captured easily, thus compensating for the predatory animals their deficiencies, in the sense of not being able to fly.


They are expert hunters of worms, larvae, insects, slugs and their favorites: snails because of their speed and precision; however, they also feed on the small fruits that fall from trees and shrubs. Their favorite environments and favorite areas to live in are the forests and pastures where they make their burrows in the hollow trunks of trees.

KeaAves más comunes en Oceanía

They are colloquially known as “alpine parrots”: very unusual birds within the fauna of New Zealand. In addition, they are very famous for being the only mountain parrots that exist. Its color is olive green and the beak is gray, strong and large. That is why they manage to withstand the conditions of the mountain; they weigh between 0.70 and 1.1 kilograms with a maximum height of 46 centimeters.


Kea birds feed on buds that grow on trees, fruits, leaves, nectar, and seeds; they also feed on larvae and insects that they find digging in the ground.


They can be found living in coastal dunes or in very high peaks, although they are more likely to be seen in mountain forests. These birds occupy some 4,000,000 hectares from Farewell Spit to Waitutu. That’s why it’s so common to see them anywhere.

Blue PenguinAves más comunes en Oceanía

Penguins are considered particular birds that cannot fly, like chickens. This is the special of the world’s smallest penguins, being one of the most important and beloved species in the region. It is a species that is currently in danger of extinction due to indiscriminate hunting.


They are only 25 centimeters of height and 1 kilogram in weight. They are usually seen catching fish, squid, and crustaceans and then return to their burrows to take a nap. Therefore, it is common for them to establish their homes on the coasts.

TakaheAves más comunes en Oceanía

It is another species of the most common birds in Oceania which measures about 60 centimeters and weighs between 1.8 and 4.2 kilograms. This is one of the few vegetarian birds of the fauna. Their diet consists of roots and reeds found in the jungle.


Initially, the takahes population was found only in the Murchison Mountains. However, over the years they emigrated. It is now possible to see them on the North Island, on the South Island and in other coastal areas of New Zealand where they build their nests in shrubs.

EmuAves más comunes en Oceanía

This is a running bird that cannot fly, and it is common to the central part of Australia. It is an exotic bird whose size is almost two meters. That is why, after the ostrich, it is the second-largest bird.


Its long legs allow it to take high speeds when running, even up to 50 km/h. Its plumage is brown, soft and pleasant. The emu has three fingers; the lower part of these fingers is flattened with a small pad, to aid traction on rough terrain.


Besides that, the intensity of its color varies according to the season of the year, and changes in the environment and the behavior of nearby birds. Males and females are very similar in appearance, but the female is larger.


Emu can be found throughout Australia in almost all habitat types; but it will avoid densely populated areas, arid lands and dense forests.

KookaburraAves más comunes en Oceanía

The Kookaburra is known for its wide smile and unmistakable call. These have a particular and unique sound. They do not chirp but make a noise very similar to the laughter of humans. They can be heard at dawn and night. It may sound like laughter or hysterical laughter depending on the species.

TuiAves más comunes en Oceanía

This is a particularly rare and beautiful bird. In the light, its black plumage gives the impression of turning blue, green and bronze. In addition, its distinctive white tufts make the tui one of the most common birds in Oceania and more striking.


This species of birds are beautiful, besides, they are very intelligent because they are able to clearly imitate and repeat human words and phrases. It’s quite a show to hear their noises in the woods where they live.


This species is very valued and appreciated because they help to pollinate the flowers and disperse the seeds of some trees. This helps the forests to be in constant forestation. They measure about 30 centimeters and can weigh between 90 and 125 grams.

Australian ParakeetAves más comunes en Oceanía

The Australian parakeet is restless, noisy, imitating, playful and sociable. It has spread around the world like an exemplary pet. It measures between 18 and 20 centimeters approximately and weighs about 30 grams.


About the color of its feathers, Australian parakeets can be found with a very varied plumage: yellow and green, yellow and brown, grey and white… The only colors this bird does not have are red and black.

 Morepork OwlAves más comunes en Oceanía

MorePork is also called Tasmania’s “Ruru” or Spotted Owl. It is a small brown Owl found in most of the continent of Australia. This species of bird is the smallest owl that lives in Australia and it is also the most common and largest distributed bird on the continent.


This owl is mostly located in areas of New Zealand and Tasmania, it has more than twenty common names that emulate the two-tone call of this bird. However, its official name is Morepork assigned by the International Ornithological Committee.


The Morepork measures about 26 to 30 cm, being the female larger than the male. This owl usually has a brown head and top with some light brown spots. Its posterior parts have white spots and its eyes are yellow and almost golden.


Its behavior is generally like solitary birds, they can be found alone, in pairs or in small family groups of one pair and three young offspring. They have a reputation for being nocturnal, although they have also been seen active in some dawns. They retire to rest in remote places in the foliage of the trees.

MagpieAves más comunes en Oceanía

The Magpie or also called Australian Magpie is a passerine bird which means that it has very well developed wings despite being small. It also has a variety of vocalizations that make it one of Australia’s most successful songbirds.


The Magpie is a robust bird that measures approximately 36 to 47 centimeters long both male and female.


This magpie has distinctive colors in its black and white plumage. The male and female are similar in this characteristic. However, they can due to certain spots on the back, the male has white feathers on the head and along the back, and the female has a mixture of gray and white feathers on the back of the head.


The Magpies usually behave aggressively when they are in the breeding season, besides, they and very jealous when it comes to taking care of their nests. However, this bird is native to Australia and southern New Guinea, so it is a protected species and it is illegal to kill or harm them.

Most common birds in Oceania

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