BBI, an Andalusian company specialised in biotechnology, was founded in 2012 with an innovative business model based on the commercialisationof high value-added molecular biotechnology services, aimed at both the public and commercial sectors.

The success of BBI, currently supported by more than 15,000 customers worldwide, is based on 3 pillars:

  • The highly qualified team covers all disciplines (experts in IT, biotechnology, marketing, internationalisation).
  • An innovative business model based on the market and research.
  • Innovation in the biotechnology business, combining new technologies with the most advanced services in DNA sexing and detection of avian diseases.

As a result, BBI has become a leader in the commercialisation of DNA bird sexings. The service is quick, easy and reliable, and does not requirethesending ofany extraction kits, to our customers worldwide, who aredistributed among associations, distributors, breeders and individuals.

We currently perform more than 120,000 sexing tests per year in a growing market in which the concept of the pet-bird is increasinglypresent. The need of sexing birds which are not sexually dimorphicis extremely relevant. Our company offers quick and reliablesolutions, without sending any extraction kits.

Canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, macaws, parrots , exotic and falconry species are sexed every day by DNA tests with the most modern techniques of molecular biotechnology. BBI is also able to perform on demand ad hoc sexing for less common species.

BBI requires that all the laboratories we work with have quality certificates to guarantee the technical excellence of our services.

In addition, our team offers a personalised customer service in several languages, to guide and give a quality service to the users thus providing them withthe confidence and reliability they need.


Birds sexing without extraction kit

The sexing analysis by DNA is the easiest way to know with certainty the sex of a bird. Our sexing test will determine if your bird is male or female with an accuracy of 99.9%.

Canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, macaws, parrots, exotic and falconry species are sexed every day by DNA tests with the most modern techniques of molecular biotechnology, for a fast and safe service.

DNA sexing is usually performed using feathers or blood, WITHOUT extraction kit, although we can also do the analyses with eggshellandother tissues. The customer sends the samples according to our instructions,whichrespect hygiene standards to avoid any contamination. The service is simple, fast and reliable.

At first, upon receipt of the samples, the DNA must be extracted. Later, we amplify agene which we use todetermine the sex of the animal. Just as humans have chromosomes XY or XX, birds have chromosomes ZW for females and ZZ for males.

Detection of avian diseases

There are many diseases that can affect animals. These diseases are caused by various pathogens andcan be diagnosed at any stage.

Detection of infectious microorganisms can be performed using serological or molecular techniques that use DNA fragmentsas identifiers. DNA techniques are generally more accurate and reliable, and provide faster service than the ones based on serology. Thisis why we offer this diagnostic option to our customers.

  • • PBFD: diagnosis of Aviancircovirus, commonly known as PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease) is fundamental since it is one of the most deadly and contagious diseases thatbirds can suffer from.

And soon in our laboratory:

  • • Psittacosis, also knownas Chlamydiosis: this disease, caused by the bacterium Chlamydophilapsittaci, affects the respiratory tract and can cause pneumonia.
  • • Avian polyomavirus: this virus mainly affects small birds, such as parakeets and lovebirds, but can also affect bigger birds, such as macaws and parrots. Young birds are the most at risk and it is usually fatal. It is essential to detect the disease in an adult carrier as birds that are infected, but do not have obvious signs of infection, are often responsible for spreading the virus to an aviary.


At BBI Labs, we start working once your DNA sample is received. We proceed to analyze the customer's order, whether it has been a sexing or a detection of a disease or both requests at once. By extracting the DNA from the sample, we replicate it; then, we amplify a gene that determines sex in birds.  Humans have an XY or XX chromosome. Similarly,  birds have ZW for females and ZZ for males.

For the detection of infectious microorganisms, we perform molecular techniques which we seek a fragment of identification DNA of the infectious organism.


BBI has coverage in a lot of countries in the world. We currently have customers all over Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and a part of Oceania. There are so many reasons why people trust us worldwide. It would not be possible for us to offer BBI coverage in countries so far from each other without having a good organization and mainly in our laboratory located in Bollullos de la Mitación, Sevilla, Spain.

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