Enfermedades en las aves

There are many diseases than can affect our animals. These diseases are caused by various pathogens and can be diagnosed in all stages. In this category you will find all the analytics we perform and which sample we need to detect each of them. 


  1. Order the analysis you need, 
  2. Once done, you will have to access your personal area “VIEW MY SHIPMENTS AND RESULTS” / “OBTAIN FORM”,
  3. Fill-in the ring nº or name of your bird, its specie and the type of samples that you are going to send us to obtain the corresponding forms, 
  4. Join the samples directly with the form, 
  5. When all is ready, send us your samples by mail or courier.

Make a diagnosis on the health of your birds! If it is done on time, you can save the bird or prevent other birds in the aviary from becoming infected.

We recommend you our product "Bird Secure Plus" to give you the guarantee that your birds are free of the most common diseases. It includes the DNA Sexing, PBFD and  Psittacosis analysis. 

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