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The most common birds in Spain

The most common birds in Spain Spain is the second country in Europe with the highest number of bird species. If you like birds and you're going to spend some time in Spain, you're in luck.

Aves más comunes de España

The most common birds in Spain

Spain is the second country in Europe with the highest number of bird species. If you like birds and you’re going to spend some time in Spain, you’re in luck. Here is a list of the most common birds in Spain, their characteristics and customs.

The Most Common Birds in Spain: What Are They?

Although everything depends on the area you are in, you can find different species of birds in Spain. But if you’re starting with observation, you might as well have a simple guide. With this guide, you will be trained with the species that can be seen the most in order to recognize them without problems.

Blackbird (Turdus Merula)

The blackbird is known for its bright black color and strong orange beak. It’s often seen in the summer. Females and young males are usually brown or have a not-so-bright black. Its chirping is fluted or squeaky, depending on its mood.

House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus)

The most common birds in Spain


The House Sparrow is the best-known passerine species. Despite being one of the most common birds, its population levels are falling alarmingly. This is mainly due to pollution.


Males of this species are much more striking. They have a shiny black or brown head, while the female and the young ones are of a homogeneous brown. They’re so common that you’ll probably see one if you look out the window right now.

Goldfinch (Carduelis Carduelis)

The most common birds in Spain


Goldfinch or Carduelis is one of the most common birds in Spain. It can have a length of 13.5 cm. Besides, it is characterized by its red facial mask and the black-white of its head. It has black wings with yellow. Males are very similar to females.

Black starling (Sturnus Unicolor)

The most common birds in Spain


The black starling can sometimes be mistaken for the blackbird. It is distinguished from the blackbird by its brighter plumage and less colorful beak. Their habits are also different. It usually walks in small flocks that rarely land on the ground unless they are in the woods.

White wagtail (Motacilla Alba)

The most common birds in Spain


This nice bird is found frequently on the shores of bodies of water, thus its name. It is grey with black and has a white face; a plumage that leaves no room for doubt. It’s often seen running around parks, groves, and gardens. The great thing about this bird is that you can see it running around even in winter.

Hoopoe (Upupa Epops)

The most common birds in Spain


The hoopoe is an unmistakable bird due to its characteristic top and beak. Its top is made up of erectile feathers, but it is almost always closed. Its beak is black and thin. They have a plumage that can range from pink-brown to reddish cinnamon.


It’s a bird with precise habits. It is diurnal, territorial and migratory, so you can watch it travel or look for solitary food. Its flight is erratic, so when you see it you can’t easily confuse it.

Magpie (Pica pica)

The most common birds in Spain


The magpie is an unmistakable bird due to its black and white pattern. Its head, beak, tail, and legs are black, while its chest and part of its wings are white. The tail and wings may have a metallic hue, depending on the incidence of light.


Males and females are very similar and there are differences only in the greater corpulence of males. You’ll be able to distinguish it even without seeing it by her rough chirping. It is an intelligent bird that is attracted by colorful and bright objects.

Robin (Erithacus Rubecula)

The most common birds in Spain


The robin is a small bird with a characteristic plumage. It has an orange chest and face bordered on the rest of the body by a bluish-grey. Its belly is whitish. It does not present great differences for the females.


This small bird doesn’t migrate frequently. It only goes to the African coasts in summer, but there may be sightings in Europe during winter. Despite its small size, it is very curious and is easy to see in the city.

Common Linnet (Carduelis Cannabina)

The most common birds in Spain


The common Linnet is a small bird with light brown plumage, a long tail, and a reddish topknot. It inhabits almost all of continental Europe and is very prolific due to its rapid reproduction and adaptability to humans. It can lay 4-7 eggs with each reproductive cycle, and nests in bushes.

Crested Lark (Galerida Cristata)

The most common birds in Spain


The crested lark is another small bird. Its plumage is mostly grey but with black spots. It is very showy and easy to recognize by the feathers on its head, as they point upwards. It is found in desert and sandy spaces but with moderate altitude, from 800 to 1200 meters above sea level.

Corn bunting (Miliaria Calandria)

The most common birds in Spain


The corn bunting is another bird found throughout most of the European continent, including Africa and Asia. It’s a brown feathered bird with a mottled white chest. It is also a scrub bird that prefers bushes and open areas.

The most common birds in Spain

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  • Shannon brockey March 30, 2020

    Do they have seagulls there?

    • Sexado de Aves April 9, 2020

      Hi Shannon, definitively yes, Spain has a large coastline to mediterranean sea and atlantic ocean with seagull all around.
      Many Thanks for read our VLOG.

    • Deb June 1, 2022

      Yes. Just saw some in Cadiz

  • Francesc Peters April 1, 2020

    I think you should make an effort to write scientific names correctly: species name starts in lowercase and style distinguished form the rest of text (generally in italics)

    • Sexado de Aves April 9, 2020

      Hi Francesc, many thanks for your recommendation, we will try to follow in the following posts, and correct in the previous ones, already published.
      From here, I invite you to contribute a post regarding the SCIENTIFIC NAMES OF BIRDS, in order to spread the scientific culture, which is so much needed in these times of confinement. If you feel like it, do not hesitate to contact us.
      MANY THANKS for read us.

  • Asif April 20, 2020

    Hi there. Please can you help me identify a bird. I’ve never seen it before but they are beautiful. I’ve seen them for the past two days now flying around home. Smaller than a dove. They look very light in weight. Bright blue chest with orange or golden tops fading into dark brown tips on their wings. Truly beautiful to see them. Flying as if they were showing off infront of me. Looking like little kites just flying in the wind. I live in Granada, Spain.

    Thank you.

  • robin drake May 18, 2020

    dove shaped bird with vivid orange tail and red wing tips seen in my garden Miraflores mijas spain

  • John Potter December 14, 2020

    Hi,we have a small Finch shaped bird which visits our garden in Spain.
    It is dark coloured with a flash of white on each wing
    Any idea what it could be ?
    Regards. John

  • Vicky TRES August 1, 2021

    Just saw two Hoopoe birds. Never seen them before. La Rioja. Magnificent

  • Joyce Borthwick June 22, 2022

    In northern Spain seeing quite a number of dark grey backed birds with speckled chests and brown legs.. anyone help me identify,