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The most common birds in Asia

The most common birds in Asia Get to know the most common birds in Asia. Many of them live in the region and are commonly observed. However, others are endemic; that is, they live only in

The most common birds in Asia

Get to know the most common birds in Asia. Many of them live in the region and are commonly observed. However, others are endemic; that is, they live only in the wild. The latter ones are the most difficult to find and account for.


However, it is still a full and complete activity for all those people who love animals, especially birds.


The 10 most common birds in Asia

On the Asian continent, we can find hundreds of species of birds. Many of these birds can be observed regularly in urban or nearby areas. However, others are not so easy to be watched despite being considered some of the most common birds in Asia. These last ones live in wild state and to appreciate them, it is advisable to count on the guide of an expert.


Manchurian CraneThe most common birds in Asia

This is the bird chosen by China as its representative, side by side with the brown pheasant. As in China everything usually has a meaning according to its culture and values, this will not be the exception. This is a bird that represents longevity, luck, and fidelity. It is the most striking crane as it is large, colorful and exotic when it is compared to its sisters of the same gender.


On the other hand, it lives mainly in grasslands, high valleys, and swampy areas. It has an upright, high neck, which makes it look more majestic as it takes flight which is very powerful due to its long black wings.


The couples are united for life because they are monogamous, unfortunately, each year only one chick of the two that incubate survives, so their reproduction is very short for a couple. It can reach fifty or sixty years of life.


It has an elegant figure, refined and rhythmic movements so it has inspired numerous artistic works in history.

The black-necked craneThe most common birds in Asia

It is known scientifically as Grus nigricollis, it is one of the most common birds in Asia. It belongs to the gruiform order of the family Gruidae. This crane is typical of the territory of China, but mainly in Bhutan, they are worshipped in the Buddhist tradition. In addition, they are culturally protected throughout their range.


It is almost directly related to the crane with a red skull but with the characteristic that it is easy to reproduce in captivity. On the other hand, this bird has a grayish-white plumage on almost its entire body but is black on the neck and tail.


It is a migratory bird because it spends the winter in the Hengduan mountain range in southern China. Then, in early spring, in March, it returns to the Qinghai-Tibet plateau to reproduce.

White-crowned pheasant with a long tailThe most common birds in Asia

This is an animal that only exists in China. Its natural habitat is usually the forests present in the mountains. It has a great flight range because of its wide wings, and it is faster than the rest of its relatives.


It is a bird of recognition as it can move far away from home in search of food. Although its main foods are fruits of cypress and holm oaks, beans, cereals, tubers, and various worms and insects.

Crested Crow or Jungle Crow (Corvus macrorhynchos)The most common birds in Asia

This species is typical of the islands of Sakhalin, Kuril, and Japan. This species, as well as all subspecies, have relatively long beaks with quite wide and arched tops.


It is heavy in appearance and similar to the common crow found on other continents.


They generally have dark grey plumage on the head, neck, shoulders, back and lower body. However, its wings, tail, face, and throat are bright black silk-like. The intensity of the grey varies in its area of distribution being almost black in the subspecies of India.

Iberian imperial eagleThe most common birds in Asia

This is the national bird of Russia. It can be found in different habitats such as mountains, coasts or dunes since its main food is rabbits, it lives on flat ground with a considerable amount of this prey.


This bird has a dark brown plumage that covers almost its entire body. It reaches this color when it is an adult because when it is young it has a reddish color. One of the species in the female is larger than the male, but they usually start from two meters in size.

PeacockThe most common birds in Asia

It is the national bird of India that could not miss, taking into account the great extension of India and its popularity.


This peacock lives in humid or dry forests, but it has also adapted to cultivated areas near human settlements. For this reason, the peacock can live comfortably among people in villages or hamlets. Mainly, it looks for water sources to choose territory.


The male of this species is colorful because his chest is bright blue as well as some parts of its head. However, this spice is widely known for its tail. It has green and black feathers with copper or bronze reflections. On the other hand, the female is white and dark blue and, it doesn’t have a fan-shaped tail.

Peregrine falconThe most common birds in Asia

This is the national bird of the United Arab Emirates. In this country, it is very appreciated for the practice of falconry (the activity of hunting with trained birds of prey for the capture of species of poultry or land). But this species is distributed all over the planet.


One of its most representative qualities is that it is the fastest animal in the world: it can reach up to 300 km/h in a dive, although it normally flies at around 100 km/h.


The female is larger than the male, as is often the case with birds of prey. And its plumage is gray in different shades, darker on the tail and head. The legs, beak and the edge of the eyes are yellow, while the chest is whitish, it can be confused with desert and mountain landscapes.

Red-winged thrushThe most common birds in Asia

This was chosen as the national bird of Turkey. Its main characteristic is its body. They are small but robust and strong. This species is the smallest of this group of 10, it measures only 20 centimeters and weighs 65 grams.


It has a brown color on the back, and white spotted on the belly. In contrast to birds of prey, males and females are almost the same.


They nest in the trees and build a nest with grass and mud every year. They lay up to six green eggs in this nest.


Besides, they often form colonies to protect themselves from crows and can defend themselves by ‘throwing’ their own feces.

The black henThe most common birds in Asia

It is called Silkie for its plumage which conveys a silky feel to the touch. The breed has several qualities such as black flesh and bones, blue earlobes and five limbs on each leg.


Black meat is considered unpleasant in European and American cuisines; unlike Asian cuisines that consider this meat a gourmet food. Normally, a broth is made with its meat, cooked or curries.

Greenfinch (Chloris sínica)The most common birds in Asia

This is a subspecies native to South Korea and Japan and is observed during spring on Mount Hiei (Kyoto). It is a small bird that is registered as a traveler since it has been seen in the territory of the United States.


Normally, it nests in small trees or shrubs in which it feels safe. It is able to lay more than 4 eggs, and its average is between 3 and 5.

The most common birds in Asia

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