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Top 9 the Smallest Birds in the World

Top 9 the Smallest Birds in the World   The smallest birds in the world measure less than your Smartphone’s screen in some cases. We will talk about some birds that despite their size, they have been

Top 9 aves más pequeñas del mundo

Top 9 the Smallest Birds in the World


The smallest birds in the world measure less than your Smartphone’s screen in some cases. We will talk about some birds that despite their size, they have been able to adapt to diverse habitats throughout the planet.


Although their size is the most significant, some of these birds stand out for their beautiful plumages, the speed of their flutter or their curious chants.


In turn, many of them feed themselves on seeds or the nectar of flowers, being an essential gear to maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem of certain natural landscapes.


What are the smallest birds in the world?


 9 | Parula (Parula pitiayumi)

Chipe azul

 Image courtesy of  @urugwild.


The Parula lives throughout the American continent from Texas to northern Argentina. Its average size is over 11 cm, although its size varies according to the subspecies. It is usually fed of insects or spiders, but also of small fruits like berries.


 8 | Banana bird (Coereba bananaquit)


 Image courtesy of  @belmiramcleod.


It is called in many places a warbler. Its classification is somehow unfinished. It lives in the tropical forests of Central and South America, although it is also common to see it also by Florida. Its average size is 11 to 13 cm approximately. It is very fond of fruits like bananas or mango, although they also suck nectar from flowers.

 7 | North American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

Jilguero norteamericano

Image courtesy of  @dtaelman.


 It is native from North America, the Bahamas and Turks, and Caicos Islands. Its body has a length that is over11-14 cm, being its average weight of 11-20 grams. It has migratory habits and it is peculiar because of its sexual dimorphism, being quite evident in the differences between males and females. It usually tends to be monogamous.


 6 | Gerygone Mouki (Gerygone mouki)


Image courtesy of  @greg_b_miles.


It is also known as Gerygone Brown, it is a bird native from the east coast of Australia, especially by the zones of rain forests. It measures 10 cm and usually lives in small groups of 3 or 4 birds.


 5 | Simple Firecrest (Regulus regulus)


 Image courtesy of  @vaikra.ana.


It is the smallest bird in Europe. It is known in many places as “The King of Birds” due to its yellowish color at the top of the head. It inhabits the coniferous forests and feeds itself on small insects. Its average size is between 9 and 10 cm, its weight is just 5 or 6 grams.


4 |  Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exiles)


 Image courtesy of @stripeytoesocks.


It is a passeriform bird that inhabits the Indian subcontinent and Australia. The male has a golden head, chest, and throat gilded, being very characteristic also its plumage which becomes yellow intense in the breeding season. It is usually seen by the grasslands located in humid areas. Its average size is 10 cm and its weight about 10 grams.


3 | Pardalote (Pardalotidae)


 Image courtesy of  @jlovesbirds.


It is a very attractive bird because of its colorful colors and plump look. In turn, it has a short tail, very strong legs, and a certain beak to feed on the lerps, some native larvae of the Australian continent. Both females and males measure between 8 and 12 cm. It is an ideal size to get inside the small holes of trees like eucalyptus.


 2 | Gerigón Piquicorto (Smicrornis brevirostris)


Image courtesy of  @stripeytoesocks.


It is also known as Picotín, its name is due to its characteristic pale-colored beak. It lives in flocks in the forests and jungles of Australia. Its diet is based on larvae and small insects. Its size does not exceed 9 cm. Therefore it is the smallest of the oceanic continent and the second one worldwide.


1 | Hummingbird Bee (Mellisuga helenae).


Image courtesy of  @terrestria.teb.


It is native to Cuba and known by many names such as Zunzuncito, birds fly, or Elf of the bees. Its connection with the term ‘ bee ‘ comes from its custom of sucking the nectar from the flowers of the coastal forests. Besides, because of its size, it is easier to think that it is a bee than a bird.


The male is smaller than the female, it measures 5 cm and its weight is just 1.8 grams. This feature makes it the smallest bird in the world. In fact, it is believed that it is at the weight and size limit for a warm-blooded animal. As a final curiosity, its nest is also the smallest in the world: it measures barely 3 cm in diameter.


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