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The World’s Smartest Bird: The Crow

The World's Smartest Bird: The Crow The crow: Is it the world's smartest bird? Why? What skills does it have to be considered smart? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most fascinating birds in the animal

El ave más inteligente del mundo

The World’s Smartest Bird: The Crow

The crow: Is it the world’s smartest bird? Why? What skills does it have to be considered smart? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most fascinating birds in the animal kingdom. Curiously, it may be the most intelligent animal of the planet. Find out the details here.

Why Is The Crow The World’s Smartest Bird?

The world's smartest bird


One of the most outstanding characteristics of these birds is their exceptional intelligence. They are cunning, ingenious, versatile and even attributed with the gift of malice because of their great intelligence. Scientific studies equate their mental capacity to the one of a 7-year-old child, surpassing dogs and dolphins. They can even reach higher levels of intelligence than apes, the closest species to humans.


This great intelligence is made up of a series of exceptional abilities in the animal kingdom that crows possess. Among these skills we can mention:

Manufacture and Use of Tools

Very few living beings can be attributed to the use of tools for the achievement of daily survival activities. It is a characteristic reserved almost exclusively for great apes (chimpanzees, orangutans) and birds (eagles, cockatoos, crows). This ability is characteristic of exceptionally intelligent animals, and it is accompanied by a particular cunning.


Ravens have been known to pull large leaves to make rudimentary tissues in the form of hooks. These hooks are used to remove insects from the bark of trees. And the most impressive thing is that they can create tools to make other tools. They use grass leaves to cut the larger leaves with which they create tissues. In controlled spaces, they can create more complex tools. Laboratory studies have shown how a crow bends a wire rope with the edge of a table. With this bent wire in the form of a hook, they can reach a large stick that helps them reach a hidden fruit. Some crows teach their children these techniques.

They Solve Complex Problems

Certain crows have learned the basic concepts of gravity with enough time. In controlled studies, they have been seen moving large stones to displace amounts of water for food. They quickly realize that larger stones move more water and fall faster. All of this they discover on their own and the crows they observe also learn.

Ability To Make Plans

Crows store food and often spy on other crows in order to steal their stores. Aware of this, some crows pretend to keep food in some places to deceive other thieving crows. They use various techniques to mislead, such as accidentally dropping, or storing food on their wings. Over time, crows learn these tricks and become more cunning.

They Have An Excellent Memory

Crows can remember human faces for life, and they can even hold a grudge. In one study, several people wore masks to annoy a group of 7 crows. After weeks these people went for a walk with the masks and the crows that bothered them were constantly attacking them. Even other crows learned to attack them. Without the masks, they did not suffer any attack.

The World’s Smartest Bird And Its Implications

The world's smartest bird


The existence of such intelligent birds in the animal kingdom in addition to humans questions the supremacy of apes because they are such close relatives to humans, apes enjoy superior intelligence to most animals. But the fact that there are birds with even higher levels of intelligence makes us think about how the evolutionary process will end up unfolding.


Moreover, living so close to such intelligent animals can lead to mutually beneficial situations. Such is the case of a man who taught crows to steal money and jewelry in exchange for food in a square. Every day, the crows brought him hundreds of dollars, and each time they stole more valuable things. Certainly not so clandestine alliances can be given if there is interest.


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