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The fruits that birds like the most

The fruits that birds like the most   To find out which fruits birds like the most, various factors must be taken into account. Location, origin, conditions, and species are some of them. But, in general, there

The fruits that birds like the most

The fruits that birds like the most


To find out which fruits birds like the most, various factors must be taken into account. Location, origin, conditions, and species are some of them. But, in general, there are some guidelines for feeding birds. Keep reading and get to know them.


What are the fruits that birds like the most?


As for birds, when it comes to feeding you have to be careful. Even though they are frugivorous birds, we have to pay attention to the fruits and their parts. Some fruits, for example, have nutritious pulps but poisonous seeds and skins. For example, the plum and the apple.


Making these reservations, we point out that most birds eat the fruits that humans eat. Of course, you cannot offer them only fruits, especially if they are exotic birds.


Each bird has a balance in its diet that has taken thousands of years to achieve and we must respect it. Especially if we have her in captivity and she can’t find what they need herself.


In case we want to feed the birds in our garden with fruits, we have more options. If there are fruit trees in the garden, we can leave them in them for shelter. If not, we can give them fruits that contain foods that are difficult to find in their environment.


Whatever your case, we leave you a list of the fruits that birds like the most. With it you can guide yourself to give your fruit portion to wild birds or your young birds. You will also find the most abundant vitamins and their function in the body of birds.




The bananas are a favorite fruit of birds due to their high amounts of nutrients and carbohydrates.


Bananas provide birds with vitamin C, E, and A and phosphorus. The latter nutrient in large quantities. Many birds even prefer banana peel because of its high nutritional value.


It is even good to put the peeled bananas in the cages so that they choose which part they want to eat. Some birds will end up eating the fruit and playing with the shell. In this case, it is important to remove it later because it can attract flies and other insects.


The bananas are highly prized by birds and other birds during the mating period. If you breed birds or want to attract some to your garden, any variety of bananas will be very useful. In fact, because of its sweet taste in one of the fruits that birds like the most.


If you put bananas in your garden, carpenters, wrenches, and chickadees will probably arrive. It all depends on where you are. In Africa, for example, there are birds that are known for their fondness for bananas: the turacos. Of course, it is impossible for one of these birds to reach your garden.




Las frutas que más le gustan a las avesMany birds love apples. Anyone with a tree in their garden knows this. Birds’ taste for apples is due to the fact that they are easy-to-digest fruit. They are also soft and juicy and their sweet taste is irresistible.


Among the advantages that apples offer to birds is, in the first place, their contribution of nutrients. Apples contain peptinas, amino acids, fiber, and trace elements. They also contain natural sugars that provide a good amount of energy.


In addition to its delicious taste, apples purify the bird’s body and strengthen its immune system. They also help strengthen their musculature and bone system and make the chicks grow better and healthier.


Since you know how good apples are for birds, we recommend putting them in their feed. A good serving of apple will keep your birds out of intestinal problems and protect them from disease.


To give your birds apples or feed wild birds you must peel them and remove all the seeds. The seeds of apples turn into cyanide when they combine with gastric acids. They can even be deadly.


Apples are the favorite of finches, sparrows, and jays. You can also give them to parakeets and lovebirds. Although almost all birds eat apples, many prefer other foods such as insects or seeds.




Las frutas que más le gustan a las avesThe cherry is one of the fruits that birds like the most. Perhaps it is due to its sour and sweet taste at the same time or its berry shape. The truth is that many birds pick at the pulp of cherries every spring.


Cherries are very nutritious fruits. They have vitamins and minerals that promote the development of the immune system and provide energy. They also have proteins that can be significant in the diet of birds due to their size.


Keratin and ellagic acid are particularly beneficial in birds because they contribute to cell regeneration. This property is very useful to keep the bird’s beak and feathers healthy. In mating and breeding season good looks are essential.


The birds that like cherries the most are starlings and thrush. Even birds that are insectivorous can peck a bit to supplement their diet. Fatbills like them too, and are even able to eat open the tough seeds and eat inside them.




Grapes love all birds and we can hardly find a bird that resists the temptation of a vine. Birds’ taste for grapes is due to multiple factors, but the most important is nutritional.


The grape is a fruit that is obtained from the vine. It can come in different colors, sizes, and flavors. The best known are green and purple, of good size, and with green pulp. Birds love them because they can occur in clusters of 8 to 300.


Grapes are an excellent source of nutrients. They have vitamins B3, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Birds need these nutrients to keep their beaks, feathers, and tissues healthy, and they can easily get them from grapes.


Wild birds generally take advantage of everything in grapes: the skin, the seeds, and the pulp. The seeds have more vitamin B3 than the rest of the grapes, so the birds do not usually leave them when chopping the grapes.


Among the birds most fond of grapes are woodpeckers, cuckoos, and robins. Grapes can also be eaten by other brood birds, in fact, many vets recommend them for parrots and parakeets.




Las frutas que más le gustan a las avesYou could say that figs are the fruits that birds like the most. And we cannot blame them. Figs are particularly popular with birds and poultry for their taste, texture, and nutritional value.


Figs contain craditin, a natural laxative that improves intestinal transit and serves as a dewormer. It also has salts, vitamins, sugars, and fluids that can save birds from dehydration. This, especially in dry or low humidity environments.


Fig nutrients do not have regenerative properties, but it is an excellent restorative. Especially for birds that migrate or that must travel great distances in their search for food.


Let the popularity of figs among birds even in myths. We find the best example in Greek mythology. According to the myth, Apollo punished the raven with black plumage for preferring to eat figs than to perform an entrusted task.


In fact, it is not uncommon to see bluebirds and Mimus gilvus fighting over ripe figs, especially during the breeding season. This can make harvesting very difficult because the birds leave the figs very pecked without completely finishing them.




Raspberries are also a favorite fruit for birds due to their nutritional value and taste. There are 140 species in the world that include them among their main foods and have them as their main source of forage. Many others use them as a complement.


Cherry bushes, in addition to food, offer protection and shelter to birds. Its spiny stems are a good hiding place against predators. Birds sheltering in cherry trees can help eradicate ants and aphids.


Many people who grow cherries must use mesh systems because birds are very fond of them. Especially if they want to consume its fruits in summer, they must be alert to prevent the birds from staying at a distance.


Among the birds that eat cherries are sparrows, blue tit, and woodpeckers. Exotic birds can also find them very tasty. If you raise birds, do not hesitate to offer them cherries to complement their diet and grow healthy.



Las frutas que más le gustan a las aves

Oranges love many animals, including birds, insects, and humans. Interestingly, many non-tropical birds go crazy for them. Even when their diet is based on seeds and insects.


The orange is an acid fruit, but when it matures the birds usually open a hole for them and gradually eat them. In fact, due to climate change, many birds have reached crops that previously did not require natural barriers and have become a threat.


Birds are fond of oranges because they provide them with vitamin C, folate, calcium, and magnesium. Vitamin C and calcium are important to strengthen defenses and keep bones, feathers, and beaks in good condition.


Despite their taste for oranges, birds are not usually fond of their peel and seeds. Despite a large number of oxygenators and tannins, the peel and seeds can be difficult to digest.


The list of birds that eat an orange is quite extensive. They can be eaten by warblers, woodpeckers, tanagers, catbirds, orioles, warblers, thrushes, and parulas. Many of them do not include fruit in their regular diet, but if they are tired they will not hesitate to eat an orange.


If you have parrots, macaws, or parakeets, you must feed them oranges. Oranges are not only among their regular diet but eating them helps them socialize and entertains them. Of course, you must give them without shells without seeds and quite ripe.




Las frutas que más le gustan a las aves

Pumpkin is a delicious fruit with a lot of variety depending on the place. Some gourds are hard-skinned and are only accessible by larger birds with strong beaks. Crows and chickens are very fond of them.


Pumpkins taste sweet and provide a good amount of fiber, vitamin A, and carbohydrates. The vitamin makes the birds resistant to disease and strengthens the young. It is also ideal to strengthen vision. In wild birds, this is very important.


Pumpkins are so important to birds that they gather many times at Halloween to eat the seeds without difficulty. Pumpkin seeds have important nutritional value because they provide amino acids that are difficult to find in nature.


Almost all birds can eat pumpkins. Even parrots, parakeets, parakeets, and lovebirds can enjoy them. Chickens and turkeys also have them among their favorite foods and they hardly reject them.


Among wild birds, in addition to crows and gallinaceae, they can eat them. They can also be eaten by geese and swans, although they prefer herbs. If you are going to attract wild birds with pumpkins be sure to peel them well and leave the seeds exposed.




Las frutas que más le gustan a las aves

Plums are one of the favorite fruits of birds, but we must exercise some caution. Wild birds can bite them sometimes, but be careful. Domestic birds may lack instinct and consume foods that make them sick.


The peels and seeds of plums can be toxic to some birds, but their pulp is good for almost all. The consumption of plums is good because it provides the birds with vitamins A, C, and E. It also provides potassium, and to a lesser extent, iron, calcium, and magnesium.


Potassium is also very important because it helps improve muscle and heart metabolism. This can be very important for migratory birds or birds that fly long distances daily.


The domestic birds that most enjoy plums are parrots and parakeets. Unfortunately, this fruit must be properly processed and does not allow a correct development of instinct. But it is undoubtedly a good ally in cases of rickets and dehydration.


The fruits that birds like the most


These are the fruits that birds like the most. If you have a bird, you can try to offer any of these and thus discover which is it’s favorite. Birds also have their particular tastes. Learn more about birds by following our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). So you can know when we make a new publication.


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