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Birds and Cartoons

Birds and Cartoons Birds and cartoons have been closely related since the first animation stills were created. Since then, countless characters from popular culture have been represented by birds with varying degrees of humanity. Here you

Aves y dibujos animados

Birds and Cartoons

Birds and cartoons have been closely related since the first animation stills were created. Since then, countless characters from popular culture have been represented by birds with varying degrees of humanity. Here you can see the most famous cartoons inspired by birds.

Why Are Birds so Popular in Cartoons?

Humans have anthropomorphized animals since they have historical records of literature. Anthropomorphizing is basically giving human qualities to non-human objects or animals. It is a way that we have as human beings to see ourselves reflected in the world around us. Similarly, when humans return to animals, they seek to apply their values to the animal world and vice versa.


Many of these animals which human qualities have been attributed have been birds. Perhaps this is due to human beings’ fascination with the freedom of the ability to fly. It may also be because of the almost human intelligence and insight that some birds can demonstrate. The reasons vary drastically from culture and environment.

Famous Birds in Cartoons?

The catalog of cartoon birds is virtually uncountable. The animation both traditional and 3D has reached unsuspected levels of popularity a few decades ago. The production of series and films is dizzying and more characters are added to the popular culture every day. The contemporary public is an avid consumer of animation and it has consecrated certain characters over others.


Some of the most famous animated birds are:


Perhaps it is the most famous cartoon bird in Western culture. This character from the Looney Tunes is an animation classic that few people don’t know about. It is depicted as a pigeon canary ostensibly innocent and good-natured that actually has a certain evil. It openly enjoys the suffering of its enemies and hides with his facade of innocence to always get what it wants.

Cock Claudius

Birds and Cartoons


It is another bird of the Looney Tunes, but perhaps it is not as famous today as its companions. The rooster Claudio is a rooster entrusted with taking care of the hens of the henhouse of the farm where it lives. It is a braggart and show off character who always pretends to be right and above all else. However, it is incompetent and often coward who hides when the real danger presents itself.


Blu is the protagonist of Dreamworks Rio’s 3D animated films. It is the main character in both films and it is represented by a blue macaw. This bird is virtually extinct in real life due to poaching, smuggling, and habitat destruction. The film focuses on these aspects with conservationist interest. However, after its premiere, the blue macaw became definitively extinct.


It is the protagonist of the acclaimed Cartoon Network Regular Show series. It is represented by a tile in its twenties without talent and ambition working reluctantly in a public park. Its laziness and disinterest in anything productive lead him to be considered useless and incompetent. However, it can be quite ingenious and passionate about art and its closest friends.


Zazu belongs to Disney’s animated film The Lion King. This is one of the most famous animated films in history. It marked the so-called “Disney renaissance” in the nineties; it was a period of several years of constant cinematographic success. Zazu is represented by a red-billed buccero allied with the villain of history. Then, it becomes the protagonist’s ally once it realizes its mistake.

Donald Duck

Perhaps it is one of the most popular animated birds on the planet. Has accompanied characters like Mickey and Goofy for over half a century. It is represented by a duck with white plumage; usually wears flannel and a sailor’s hat. It is a curmudgeon that is easily irritated and has almost unintelligible speech.

Daffy Duck

Birds and Cartoons


It is another famous animation duck, it is owned by Warner with its Looney Tunes. The Daffy Duck is a duck with black plumage and yellow beak which is presented as the rival of Bugs Bunny. In spite of being ambitious, it has terrible bad luck that makes it suffer terrible destinies. It is often a victim of poaching and rarely succeeds.

Birds and Cartoons

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