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And here it is! Video Contest in Sexadodeaves with 285€* Prizes!

We are very pleased with the new Web Portal of Sexadodeaves which we have been working on really hard

dna sexing from feathers

We are very pleased with the new Web Portal of Sexadodeaves which we have been working on really hard… and for that we are going to give prizes of 285€* for the winners doing something fun!

Pretty easy, we tell you everything!

In the section “Help” of the new Web Portal of Sexadodeaves, we will include videos about collecting Feathers, Blood and Eggshell and we would like you to do it! If you are a professional, a breeder or an association, take this opportunity to include your logo, there will be a good diffusion 😉

What do you have to do?


  1. ¿You have a mobile phone? You have a camera, right? Well, it is all you need!!

We remind you that the better quality the video, the better the contest!

  1. Choose the categorie(s) you prefer and you like the most!
  • Category “feathers”
  • Category “blood”
  • Category “eggshell”


  1. And Action!!! 

As usually, wash your hands, change gloves, use a new needle between each manipulation.

  • If you choose “FEATHERS”, keep doing what you have always done and… REMEMBER to pluck 4 to 6 growing feathers from the cloaca area.


  • If you choose “BLOOD”, wear your gloves and go ahead…you can either pierce the wing vein or cut off the end of the nail or use an “insulin pen” on the foot after massaging it to activate blood circulation. REMEMBER 2-3 drops of blood are enough!


  • If you choose “EGGSHELL”, take the little egg and let’s get started! REMEMBER that after eclosion allow drying the whole eggshell for several hours on a clean paper. Wrap it on a paper envelope or a non-hermetic plastic bag or plastic cup.

Make it fun if you would like… 😉 and explain all the tricks you use. The most important is to help the colleagues!!

  1. Send us the video(s) before the 15th of July!!

Share it on Facebook and do not forget to mention #CONCURSOSEXADODEAVES. If you do not have any Facebook page, send us the link and we will publish it for you


One Pack 25 DNA sexing tests (95€) per category. Can you win more than 1 pack??? The answer is… YES if you win several categories but it will always be limited to one prize per category. The finalists will be the 3 first videos with more “LIKE” and then our specialists at Sexadodeaves will select the winner of each category and results will be announced in our Facebook page SEXADODEAVES on the 20th of July.

Participation Conditions 

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Follow our collecting instructions and respect the security measures and treatment of the animal, as a professional you already know how to do it!
  • Send a good quality video per category and per person
  • Agree that the winning videos will be published in our new Web Portal

For any doubt or question, please contact us by phone +34 954 600 013 or by e-mail info@sexadodeaves.com. We will be more than happy to help.

dna sexing from feathers

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  • Dr doaa May 26, 2020

    I would like to how can I send samples ?
    Also I am no trying to have our own vet clinic and I would like to make a deal with you
    For collecting samples and send all to you
    How much it will be ?