Voucher 10 DNA Bird Sexing


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Special price with the voucher for 10 DNA Sexing tests (no time limit). DNA Sexing is currently the most reliable, fast, and easy method for breeders.

You can expect your results in a time of 6 working days* from sample reception at the laboratory

We can successfully DNA-sex more than 480 species. Please check here the list of species. If you wish to sex a species that is not on the list, please contact us prior to shipping the samples.

*Guaranteed delay always if samples provided by the customer come in good conditions and do not need repetitions in the analysis’ process.


Voucher 10 DNA Bird Sexing

Special limited offer for 10 DNA Bird Sexing. Once you purchase the voucher, you can use the 10 tests with no time limit. You can use them whenever you need it. DNA Bird Sexing is currently the safest, quickest and easiest way to determine birds'gender.

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