Pack 500 Bird DNA Sexing Tests

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The best voucher you ever find on the internet! Pack of 500 DNA Bird Sexing test (no expiration date)!

Sexing by DNA is currently the most reliable, quick, and simple method at the service of breeders.

Obtain your results within a time of 6 business days* from the day following the reception of the samples.

We can successfully DNA-sex more than 480 species. Please check here the list of species. If you wish to sex a species that is not on the list, please contact us prior to shipping the samples.

*Guaranteed period provided that the samples arrive in good condition and do not need to repeat the process.


The absence of sexual dimorphism in certain bird species, especially exotic ones, or their manifestation in an adult stage makes identification difficult of sex and it is necessary to resort to a scientific technique, based on the amplification and analysis of a DNA fragment of the chd gene by PCR. Reliable, safe and fast results are obtained.

Our laboratory performs tests by extracting DNA from feather, blood or eggshell samples. For sample taking, see our Technical Data Sheet.

How to make your bird?

  1. See list of optimized species by our laboratory, to identify the species of bird that wants to sex.
  2. Make your purchase in the online store
  3. Register the data of each bird online: Species, Ring number (or name), Sample type (blood on paper, feather or eggshell).
  4. Download and print the customized form and attach the samples.
  5. Send the samples to our address

Remember, we do not send sexing kits.

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