Voucher of 10 express sexing for Lovebirds and Cockatiels

12 May, 20160 Comments
lovebird cockatiel sexing
We are fully committed with our customers

In breeding season, we are aware that our customers need fast and reliable results at an unbeatable price. That is why we release today a new premium product that will fulfill all your expectations: a voucher of 10 express sexing tests for the same price as a standard 10 tests voucher. 

For only 40€ you will be able to buy 10 express sexing tests that will guarantee the results within 1-3 working days after the arrival of the samples to the laboratory. This promotion will only be valid for LOVEBIRDS and COCKATIELS and will be available in our online shop from now till the end of June.

Do not miss this opportunity and make your breeding season less stressful without paying extra money!

If you happen to have any doubt about this promotion, please contact us by e-mail  sexadodeaves@gmail.com or phone: +34 954 600 013

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