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Voucher of 50 PBFD tests, also know as Beak and Feather Disease.

The analysis of this disease is performed with blood. You can send one of the following samples:

Blood on paper

Fresh blood collected by a vet in a EDTA tube (purple)

Keep you aviary free of diseases with this voucher of 50 PBFD tests! 

PBFD or Beak and Feather disease is caused by a circovirus which destroys the cells of the feathers and beak. This virus also affects the inmune system which causes the bird to suffer other infections. 
This virus is specially common among parrots and cockatoos.

PBFD is extremely contagious so it easily passes from bird to bird. For that it is very important to keep a close eye to new birds coming to our aviary and check if they are healthy before they encounter other birds.

We analyze the following samples:

2 drops of blood on paper

Fresh blood collected by a vet in a EDTA tube (purple)

Symthoms include:

  • feather abnormalities
  • beak abnormalities
  • feather loss
  • diarrhea 
  • Lack of appetite


It is common that birds with PBFD succumb to secundary infections due to the damage in their inmune system caused by the virus. 

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