The security of your birds is very important! 
With our voucher of 20 Bird Secure Plus keeping your birds safe is cheaper than ever!

With Bird Secure Plus you will get in the same certificate the dna bird sexing analysis, and the guarantee that your birds are free of the most common diseases : PBFD and Psittacosis

We will do the following tests :


 For these tests, we need several samples :

DNA bird sexing and PBFD: Blood on paper 

Blood on paper : Prick the vein of the bird (under the wing) with a sterile needle. Let pour a few drops of blood as indicated onto the circles of the registration form and let dry. The wound will heal immediately. If you have more than one bird sterilize the needle after each use or use a new needle each time.

Psittacosis: cloacal swab

Cloacal swab: You can buy it at the pharmacy or use a clean cotton swab. Introduce in the bird cloaca and take it out immediately. Let dry for 45 minutes. Maintain swab in a plastic bag or put it into the tube and staple it to the application.

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