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The Falcon Races

Published : 03/07/2019 08:55:32
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The Falcon Races

Birds are not correctly classifiedas predators, but they are an indispensable part of the food chain. Although there is a bird that can easily be considered a predator or the most dangerous because when it isaway from the ground, it difficult to avoid. I'm talking about the Hawks, birds that are characterized by their large size and the fastest animal on earth reaching speeds over 230 to 360 kilometers per hour in a tailspin, while in its normal displacement is over 96 km/h on average.

Australian Hawkes

Its scientific name is Falcon Longipennis, and thisbird can be foundin the regions of the Australian continent, the origin of its name comes from there, although it can also be foundin Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It has dark plumage and is common to see in forests or areas where vegetation is usually very abundant. On average, it can measure up to 36 centimeters high, although the female can become larger. This falcon is capable of making its nest and appropriating others. Its food is mainly based on invertebrates, other birds and insects.

Red-legged Kestrel

Scientifically, this bird is called Falco Vespertinus which is a bird of prey of the family Falconidae family. This bird is found mainly by the wooded areas of Europe and Asia, during winter time,  they usually emigrate to Africa. Its average size is between 28 to 34 centimeters long, reaching a height of up to 75 centimeters. The male has bluish-grayplumage, and thefemale has gray wings, the head and parts of the chest areorange. It tends to make a shortbite on its prey. It feeds mainly on big insects but also small mammals like mice.

American Kestrel

It belongs to the Falconidae family; thisbirdis called Falco Sparverius which is also known colloquially as the Weehawk Colorado or Cuyaya It is a species present in the American continent. One of the peculiarities of this bird is that it is usedfor the falconry which is the hunting with trained birds. This species can measure up to 27 centimeters long. Its characteristic color is light greyish and has black dots in the wings, its tail is reddish with a black granaja and has small white tips. This bird has a diet that includes large insects, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, and other little birds.

Leaden Falcon

Scientifically, it is known as the Falco femoralis, and it is one of the medium-sized hawks that exist all over the world. 

This falcon prevails throughout the American contain, andits common name is due to the color of the plumage since it has areas of bluish grey. It can be found in the wooded regions of America. This bird feeds on insects, small birds andmammals. A bird that can be quick in a tailspin no doubt.




The Columbarium Falco is one of the smallest hawks in the whole family. However, it doesn`t mean it isnot dangerous for their prey. This bird can be found mainly in the Northern hemisphere. This bird is also known with another name: Falcon Palomo in the North American zone. This Falco tends to emigrate to the tropics of America to spend the winterseason there. Its diet is usually basedon insects, small birds, androdents.

Falcon Falco

The Brown Hawk, Falcon Falcon or Falco Falcon is a bird that is characterized by having its brown plumage andwhite color on its chest, dark brown wings. This species is also knownwith the name of Spotted Hawk, striped Hawk or Western Falcon. Indeed, this last name is because it is presented in Western Australia and its name Falcon is derived from its aboriginal name.

African Hawk

This bird is locatedon the African continent. This species has a characteristic that makes to stand out among the entire Falco family since it is a very sedentary bird, it means it is likely that is on the top of a tree than flying. The hobby Falco lives in the woods, as long as the vegetation is not very high. Another of its characteristics is that it usually invades the nests of other birds; itis not a bird that likes to build its own nest. Females can measure up to 80 centimeters, being the main difference inregards to a male.

Red-necked Hawk

The red-headed Merlin or TURUMTI is the Chicquera Falco is consideredas a prey bird of the Halon family. It can be foundin India and Africa in the sub-Saharan region. It has been adapted to live in semi-deserted areas, savannas and other places where the prevailing climate is dry with some trees. Although it has also been foundin riparian forests. This bird can lay five eggs in its nest. Its diet is basedon rodents, reptiles, andinsects.

Gerfalcon Falcon

The Rusticolus Falco is a bird found in the areas of North America, specifically on the Arctic coast and nearby islands. As well as it is possible to see it in Europe and Asia. It has been adapted to cold weather conditions.

Grey Hawk

They are known as smoke hawks; thesebirds belong to the region of Australia and have a medium size. It is a species that only has a population of 1000 specimens and is not because it is endangered, but it is a low-density species. However, its populationalso decreases by traps and pesticide poisoning.

Madagascar Kestrel

The Falco Newton is originally from Madagascar, hence its common name. This species can reach 30 centimeters in length and weigh up to 128 grams. Present plumage in reddish-grey colors with dark streaks, grey with black or dark brown spots.

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