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sexing optimization of new bird species

Published : 01/14/2019 12:35:57
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Thank you very much for your collaboration so that the optimization of new species is become possible!

Click here to get more information about the species.

We currently analize more than 500 species from samples that we receive from all around the world!

We always have in mind the goal of improving our services to meet your expectations. The optimization of the mentioned species was one of them and we are happy to announce that thanks to your participation, it is already possible!

The BBI laboratory has carried out the necessary tests to be able to make the analyzes of these species. From now on, you can send us samples to know the sex of your beloved chukar partridge, white-rumped shama, yellow-breasted greenfinch, Bulwer's petrel , Chinese hwamei or melodious laughingthrush, orange-headed thrush, eclectus parrot, Mallard, White-eared Pheasant and Brown-eared Pheasant!

We continue working on the optimization of other highly requested species and we will keep you informed.

Do not wait any longer to send us samples to sex your birds by DNA ... and take advantage of our BEST OFFERS! Choose your bonus!

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