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Published : 02/14/2019 20:58:23
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There are more than 2000 different chicken breeds all over the world, about 750 in America, 1347 in Europe and 32 in Spain. All of them have the common ancestor Archaeopterix from Asia, which -just like poultry- did not fly but glided.

Some of these breeds have been created for human consumption, either for their meat or for their laying capacity. The local climate must be taken into consideration to healthy raise certain types of hens, as much as the diseases that can be exposed according to the zone in which we live. Know more here Detection Of Bird Disease With Dna Test, How Does It Work? 

Although chicks do not show external sexual dimorphism at first sight, but male and female are very different physiologically as they reach adulthood.

Let's name a few of the most striking Galliformes’ species:

The Sumatra Chicken: Native of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, the breed is today primarily kept for exhibition for their lustrous black plumage.


The Pita pinta Asturiana: Only breed of chicken indigenous to the principality of Asturias, the "painted hen" is very appreciated for its meat and for being a good eggs layer.


The Faverolles: French breed of chicken, they have friendly temperaments and make great pets.


The Silkie: Named for its atypically fluffy plumage, Silkies have black skin and black bones, a walnut-shaped comb, and turquoise earlobes.


The Sebright: British breed of bantam chicken, they are active, easily tamed and mostly kept for exhibition.


The Naked Neck: Fairly well known all over the world, it seems that they are most commonly found in Romania or other bordering countries. They are naturally devoid of feathers on its neck and vent.


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