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22 July, 2013

Birds shipping is nowadays one of the keys to Exchange birds between different breeders without the need of making hundreds of kilometres. This was unthinkable a few years ago because there was no bird transportation companies.

In this way, breeders could only exchange their birds with other local breeders and this reduced the scope for improving their aviaries.

What kind of cages do we have to use to transport our birds?

Usually, birds suffer high levels of stress during the shipping because they are animals which need a large space to fly. That’s why it is essential to have a transport cage suitable for their needs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we do not have a wide variety of these types of cages and sometimes we have to use our own ingenuity and skill.

The essential thing is that the cage in which the animal is being transported has to be of resistant material (wood or hard plastic preferably). We should leave a small hole covered with mesh so that the animal can breathe. The best thing is that the animal is in a state of gloom during the shipping.

The dimensions have to be right for the animal to move around but not too big so it will not spoil the plumage.

What company should I choose to ship my birds?

Concerning to pet transport companies, we highlight two mainly, MRW and SEUR.

The first one is well known to take years in the industry and offers a pretty good service. Shippings are made on conditioners and specially designed vehicles to transport pets.

The average time from which the bird is collected from a breeder’s home and it arrives at the final destination is about 12-14 hours.

On the other hand, we have a newcomer to the pet transport sector, Seur. Although its service is not spread throughout the whole country (by the moment), the quality that is offering is similar to the MRW´s one but with a considerably lower price. In bird forums, people are talking much lately of this service as it came to a point where MRW prices were abusive.

What documents should my birds have to carry?

For a proper transport, birds should always be accompanied by an Assignment Document, a Veterinary Certificate and Standards Identification Pets Template corresponding to each carrier. Noteworthy that unringed birds are not recommended to ship because they are not registered anywhere.

What to do with our pet when we go on vacation?

If you decide to go on vacation, you have two main possibilities, let your birds with a trusted person to take charge of them or bring them with you.

Every day are more hotels in which pets are allowed in the rooms, so it would only be a matter of finding one with this feature.

The transport of the animal, in case you decide to bring it with you, should be in a cage similar to which we would use if we send the bird with a shipping company.

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