The well-being of your Birds is essential ! - Bird Sexing

The well-being of your Birds is essential !

1 October, 2018

In a general way, caring your birds is usually quite easy, however, you always have to be very careful, because if your bird gets sick, its cure is more complicated than another animal. Diseases in birds are usually very dangerous because they are more delicate and it becomes difficult to know what is happening to them [Read our article]

For this very reason, it is essential to prevent diseases and ensure that your animals are in good health.

Make a diagnosis on the health of your birds! If it is done on time, you can save the bird or prevent other birds in the aviary from becoming infected.

Our pack BIRD SECURE PLUS, which includes 1 DNA Sexing Test + 1 PBFD* analyse + 1 Psittacosis** analyse, will give you the guarantee that your birds are free of the most common diseases.

Notre laboratoire a acquis de nouveaux matériaux et connaissances pour pouvoir affiner et améliorer le protocole et les techniques. Ces améliorations considérables nous permettent de vous donner les résultats en seulement 2 à 5 jours ouvrables (après réception des échantillons) car nous savons que vous avez besoin de rapidité dans le diagnostic.

Our laboratory has acquired new materials and knowledge to refine and improve the protocol and techniques. These significant improvements allow us to give you the results in just 2-5 business days (after receiving samples) because we know you need quick diagnosis.

The price of the Bird Secure Plus is 23€.

* PBFD (Avian circovirus) also known as Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), is a viral disease that affects parrots and cockatoos. This airborne contagious disease is very common in birds from the Psittacidae Family. [Read our article about this disease]

** Psittacosis caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia psittaci or Chlamydophila psittaci. It affects the respiratory tract; and it can be transmitted to human beings causing pneumonia [Read our article about this disease]

Exceptional launch offer !!

You will find below our new different packs (by 20 or 50). Do not wait any longer and choose the pack that will answer your needs the best! For the launch, we have great offers if you buy in the next 24h! ***



***We offer you a gift voucher for every purchase paid of one or more of our packs until tomorrow, Tuesday 2-10 at 8pm. We will send you your gift voucher by email in the following days of your order and you will be able to use it for any other product in our shop online. Further information about this fash offer :

-> We offer you 5% of the total amount of the following packs purchased: “20 psittacosis” or “20 sexing tests+psittacosis” or “20 Bird Secure Plus”.

-> We offer you 10% of the total amount of the following packs purchased: “50 psittacosis” or “50 sexing tests+psittacosis” or “50 Bird Secure Plus”.


More products available:



For the Bird Secure Plus analyses, we need several samples:

  • DNA Sexing and PBFD with 2-3 drops of blood on paper – cut the nail or prick the vein under the wing. Pour blood directly onto the form. Let dry 15min. Cotton with Antiseptic product.
  • Psittacosis with cloacal swab – Use a cotton swab. Introduce it in the bird cloaca and rub the interior quickly. Let it dry for 30 minutes and place it in the lid or plastic bag.

On a daily basis, we were asked for the Bird Secure Plus, so we are happy to offer this service again with WAprès avoir reçu des demandes quotidiennement, nous sommes heureux de pouvoir vous offrir ce service avec unbeatable delay !!

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