Lovebird Breeding


14 July, 2017

  Summer is here! It’s time to relax and to go on holidays, even for our lovebirds. They now need to rest from the exhausting breeding season. This season might be the most important for them as they will be taking a well deserved break. That is why we have to make summer as comfortable […]

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Feeding Lovebirds

24 November, 2016

MY TIPS ABOUT FEEDING LOVEBIRDS BY Miguel from AGAPORNIS ARIAS A GOOD DIET FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE We need to take into consideration that a good diet will help our lovebirds to life longer and with a better quality of life. Lovebirds need a balanced diet to be healthy and strong during a long […]

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Lovebirds genetics (part II)

21 October, 2016

Recessive Mutations. We already explained that this type of mutation needs to be found in both chromosomes for it to be visible. Now is when the word “carrier” comes into play. If we understand everything we have explained up to this point, we should not have any problem to understand that a specimen with a […]

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How to successfully pair Lovebirds together.

13 November, 2015

    Talking about animals it is not very usual to think about “long-lasting love”. We, humans, think that that kind of feeling is only meant to be for superior beings, but not for animals. Nevertheless, some species can stay with the same couple for a long time and even a life time. The majority […]

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