Bird Diseases

Detection Of Bird Disease With Dna Test, How Does It Work?

17 November, 2017

Life is a constant struggle for existence. This is what animal documentaries show us on TV in the afternoon. However, there are also other fights as important as much smaller scale than in the African savannahs. I am talking about battles that the cells have to fight against each other. Our pets have organisms, in […]

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All you need to know about PBFD

16 March, 2017

  Avian circovirus (commonly known as PBFD, Psittacine beak and feather disease) is a disease that affects the family Psittacidae (parrots, macaws, budgerigars, etc.) from Europe, Asia and America. This viral disease attacks the cells in charge of the growth of the follicles located in feathers, beak and claws. This mainly causes continuing malformation and […]

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Psittacosis, everything you need to know

3 June, 2016

Birds tend to hide signs of illness that is why by the time the bird shows signs of weakness, it is already very sick. We need to pay close attention to be able to identify a abnormal behaviour and be ready to take our bird to a veterinarian. In this article we will focus on […]

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1 April, 2014

The pack BIRD SECURE PLUS helps you to feel safe ensuring the health of your birds.     In order to be able to perform the Bird Secure Plus tests, we would need you to collect the following samples: Sexing and PBFD Psittacosis Blood on paper Cloacal swab   How to collect the samples? PBFD Blood […]

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