Best Tips to breed birds


14 July, 2017

  Summer is here! It’s time to relax and to go on holidays, even for our lovebirds. They now need to rest from the exhausting breeding season. This season might be the most important for them as they will be taking a well deserved break. That is why we have to make summer as comfortable […]

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Feeding Lovebirds

24 November, 2016

MY TIPS ABOUT FEEDING LOVEBIRDS BY Miguel from AGAPORNIS ARIAS A GOOD DIET FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE We need to take into consideration that a good diet will help our lovebirds to life longer and with a better quality of life. Lovebirds need a balanced diet to be healthy and strong during a long […]

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Lovebirds genetics (part II)

21 October, 2016

Recessive Mutations. We already explained that this type of mutation needs to be found in both chromosomes for it to be visible. Now is when the word “carrier” comes into play. If we understand everything we have explained up to this point, we should not have any problem to understand that a specimen with a […]

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Lovebirds genetics (part I)

20 September, 2016

  To begin, we should clarify that all the mutations are found in the pairs of chromosomes (represented in this image) and are transmitted through three types of inheritance that will be studied in this article. AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT: Dark factors, Violet and Pied. As these three mutations are dominant, they will only need to be […]

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Infertility in exotic birds

15 July, 2016

Infertility is one of the biggest problems that breeders of exotic birds face. Few things are more frustrating than seeing a pair of birds that are not able to fertilized eggs after trying so hard. For this reason and because it affects many types of parrots, like macaws or cockatoos, we will analyse this issue […]

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Talking birds

22 April, 20160 Comments

Is it true that some birds are able to talk? The answer is clear. There are birds that actually talk even though they lack vocal cords. Most of the birds of the Psittacidae family are able to repeat sounds and imitate human voice if they are properly trained. Not in vain the parrots are considered, […]

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Taking care of your birds in summer

10 July, 2015

Animals that live in captivity do not fully develop their instinct to cope with heat, which is why bird owners and breeders are the ultimate responsible for their safety, having to provide them with all they need in this respect. Birds, as the majority of complex animals, are endothermic, that is to say that they […]

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Preparativos y consejos para enviar aves

15 May, 2015

Todo aficionado que comienza en este apasionante mundo de la cría de aves en cautividad se encuentra con la necesidad de tener que ceder a un determinado número de animales excedentes porque resulta imposible almacenar y retener a todos y cada uno de los pollitos que se hayan engendrado durante la temporada de cría. En […]

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